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Payments Aug 01, 2016 Team Fintech Brazil

Chargeback types in Brazilian online market

The chargebacks are increasingly common when it comes to e-commerce and online payments in Brazil.

E-commerce has grown greatly in recent years, with more consumers between the online stores as well as have purchased more frequently and in larger quantities. This growth, in turn, led to increase in proportion the …

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Software Jan 15, 2016 Team Fintech Brazil

Accounting softwares in Brazil

Accounting softwares is application software that processes accounting transation, such as accounts payable, payroll and trial balance. It can be developed in home helping saving time and controlling all the accounting information. It can be access anywhere, since you have Internet.

These softwares vary widely in their complexity and cost. …

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Payments Dec 26, 2015 Team Fintech Brazil

Credit card sub-acquirers in Brazil

Brazil is one of the most complex and boiling market when we talk about payments. They have a special way to do financial transactions: with banks, payment gateways, acquirers and sub-acquirers.

Know now the most relevant Brazilian sub-acquirers.

  • PagSeguro is the leader in the Brazilian market with regard to the
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