Vindi and Smartbill announce merger agreement to create a super fintech

Vindi and Smartbill announced yesterday at a technology event the merger of the two companies to consolidate the market of payments focused on the service sector in Latin America.

They were competitors until yesterday, before the announcement: “We are

Rodrigo Dantas and Mauricio Kigiela announcing the agreement for 650 people. Foto: Assinaturas Day.

In Brazil, process subscription billing was not a easy thing. The Brazilian financial environment has some particular rules. Banks are not opening their API’s, the regulations are very hard to compliance, taxes are not integrate with billing systems and recurring payments are very hard to provide, because the whole payment methods existing. Boletos (Brazilian invoice slips), fraud prevention, debit account and control delinquency are challenges to all type of companies.

As a comparison (and analogy), the agreement in terms of complementarity of solutions and strategies would be as if Zuora (USA) and Recurly merged.



Vindi (PCI Compliance) provides subscription and recurring billing, payment solutions to Saas companies, subscriptions e-commerces, financial services, marketing, gym clubs, education and all subscription based companies.


Smartbill is a cloud-based subscription management system that allows companies of all sizes to join the subscription business model. Smartbill is available only companies operating in Brazil (by now). The system covers all the subscription cycle: (a) Subscription – business rules, pricing, payment method, parameters, etc, (b) invoicing, (c) billing, (d) payment conciliation and (e) upgrades, downgrades, add ons, renewals.


Author: Team Fintech Brazil

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