Paypal will buy Brazilian payment provider?

The Brazilian CEO, president of PayPal, when asked about their strategies in the country says that is part of the company’s goals acquire other companies to gain market share. Also aiming the Latino market as a whole, Paypal Inc. seeks to be the primary means of payment in South America.

Acquisitions are part of our strategy, we would love buy someone,” cites Mario Mello.

It reveals the leadership of PayPal in the entire world, supported by the recent new that announces their presence in 200 countries.┬áIn previous times, Paypal Company began to expand and today it’s been major fronts in large e-commerce. While before the PayPal was intended to startup and e-commerce niches now sees growth in large stores operations such as VIVO, Casas Bahia, Goal, Ponto Frio; Groupon and Privalia.

mario mello
Mario Mello (Photo: Paypal Brazil)

The greatest challenge lies in converting the checkout, compared to gateways, but PayPal makes up for with the power and strength of its brand, one of the world’s largest payment companies. Even this is one of the arguments used by the company in selling their products and services. Credibility is crucial when it comes to online payment methods because they do not know who’s on the other side. The purchase of another local company would accelerate this growth, since small businesses and the self-employed are one of the engines of the economy in Brazil.

After these statements, Brazil hopes the effective entry of PayPal as a competitor to traditional and online payment systems markets, until it becomes the payment method of choice for Brazilians, regardless of where you make the transactions. In fact, for its effective entry, the alliance with local companies, smaller, it becomes an asset.

Already John Donahoe, CEO of eBay Inc. (Parent company of PayPal), when he came to Brazil to launch their products, remained for a long time in the country in order to demarcate the leadership of the Brazilian market.

Although the largest market in PayPal still resides in the United States of America, already has a good market in England and Germany, ranking second and third, respectively. Brazil has a growing line, which is no longer line, but a curve, very strong, rising every day in the ranking.

Currently it has more than 3 million customers in Brazil and over 200 million all over the world. In Brazil, nowadays, there is PayPal services in more than 30,000 stores, with more than 30% of Brazil’s top sellers have already accepted the use of PayPal services. It has an excellent presence in retail, digital entrepreneurs and long tail, wherein the Kauplus helped a lot.

The North American company PayPal earned about 112 billion dollars in financial transactions, growing more than 17% every year. This observed trend proves the increase of transactions via mobile phones and smartphones, whose transactions now account for about 4% of company revenues.

Absolutely, the Brazilian market is a great opportunity to PayPal establishes itself as the biggest money transactions in the entire world.

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