Payment Gateways in Brazil

The gateways are platforms that serve as credit card terminals, as it maintains a direct interface with customers (companies responsible for the capture process, transmission and storage of customer data from credit cards). They facilitate the process of financial liquidity and communicate directly with the banks to which belong your cards.

These gateways make it possible for retailers and banks build a relationship history, considering that the payment is made directly to the merchant’s account. It also enables payment with various cards, national and international.

Payment Gateways in Brazil: know now


Belonging to Cielo group since 2011, this gateway has various payment solutions for e-commerce. Currently serves for multichannel conciliation.


Identical to Braspag, the Mundipagg is a payment gateway that arises as a specialized tool for processing online payments. It is currently administered by the ancient creators and owners of Bragspag.


Their services extend to the whole world through a single global platform. The company allows businesses to accept payments from anywhere in the world, in various sales channels (point of sale, mobile, online). The platform allows you to process over 250 different means of payment).


One of the first payment gateways in Latin America, founded in 2001 and sold in 2014 to Rede (formerly Redecard). It is a Brazilian company that works with American technology adapted to the needs of Latin America.


Addressed to small and medium sized e-commerce businesses, goes against the wish of the entrepreneur to sell more with the possibility of easy payments.

Digital River

One of the oldest e-commerce companies, founded in 1994 and with a solid history in the digital market. The services of this company range from e-commerce, payments and marketing. It offers a secure payment gateway which can be used worldwide.

UOL Payments

Is focused on air aviation companies and operates in the structure of UOL Diveo. This gateway comes through the acquisition of Boldcron, one of the payment gateways in Brazil.


Vindi has a gateway focused on service market. It has certification from PCI Compliance and is one of the best integrations in Brazil, such as invoices, intelligent retries and many buyers that can be absorbed in a single integration. Is leading the subscription economy in Brazil.


Developed by Lyra Network to meet shopkeepers who need to accept payment of purchases made over the Internet. It allows accept and manage simple and secure various forms of payment way.


One of the leading suppliers of electronic data exchange of country. It connects customers with suppliers, distributors, representatives, branches and banks in real time generating greater agility, performance and excellent cost-benefit ratio.


Founded in 2008 by Phillip Bock and headquartered in Berlin. Allpago is the gateway provider for the LATAM region. It has offices in São Paulo, Mexico City and Bogota and expanding to Chile and Peru.


It is an integrated International financial services company that offers an end-to-end payment solution. The first choice to foreign companies who is selling in Brazil. 


Platform for integration and payment transaction processing through a single interface communication. Its main purposes are Recurring Payment; Cash payment or in installments; Payment by E-mail; EDI payment; Boleto by E-mail; WEB integration. This allows online manage all transactions of the company.


Allows customers in their various forms of payment platform with seamless integration. It allows conducting online transactions, recurring billing, and customer call center operations and brings together, in a single solution, all the tools a company needs.


Offers to its clients a range of unique and innovative solutions to meet their business needs. It enables payment processing for call centres, e-commerce, mobile and recurrence.


Payment gateway focused in e-commerce market. Platform integrated with acquirers anda banks.


First gateway to accept payments multi coins (including bitcoin).

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