The new Brazilian bank

Brazil has undergone several important changes in the financial and technology sector. Several innovations have arrived in the country and banks lose ground to smaller companies offering not only more advantages, such as new services.

From loans to credit and debit cards, and online services payments, these small businesses show that, in fact, can perform the same service than the banks. With the advantage of offering more services than these, and much lower service charges than in banks.

The new Brazilian bank

For example Nubank offers credit cards with no annual fee or rate, and offer an application that allows all online transactions, including in your mobile device.

Controly presents a solution where put together a prepaid card to your checking account along with an application. Even people, who have problems with the banks, can likewise obtain this card and have a checking account normally.

GuiaBolso provides a direct interface with their finances by a free mobile application. It has the advantage that, in its application, organize your spending by category, in order to understand how much money to spend and where the money is going to.

Lendico is a company that offers a solution for personal loans with fair interest rates (3 and 5%), with some of the best conditions presented in the financial sector.

As Lendico, the Geru Platform offers online loans, and the money is available within a maximum of 10 days. It ensures a personalized and appropriate fee to each one.

Biva offers loan solutions at lower interest rates than in tradicional banking institutions, online, quickly and without bureaucracy that banks demand in any similar case. In this case it is somewhat different, because the loans are targeted to businesses, and who funds are the people themselves who later receive the borrowed money monthly. People can invest from R $ 500 and businesses can borrow up to R $ 50,000. Catarse offers the same service that the Biva.

Payments solutions have been created by these companies, which try to create the best application to organize your finances. Companies like Vindi, offer online billing software, which manages receipts, bank slips, invoices, among many other possible operations.

There is another attempt to banking disintermediation through payments on the Internet with Mobile Payments. POP Recarga offers the option to recharge your mobile phone card in order to pay your online purchases.

Big companies like MoIP and PagSeguro offer all services without charging fees or monthly fees. Since that you receive payments from credit cards, debit cards and online payment boletos. Still have your online shopping protected for 14 days which you can cancel it if it is not delivered on time. These companies also have machines in stores that work exactly the same way as the bank and can be used debit and credit cards of these companies even to the purchase of your supermarket.

There are even companies like Bidu offering insurance services for car, home and mobile phone.

All these companies are conspicuous by their safety, although the population is not yet totally comfortable and confident when faced with these companies.

This is the only advantage of the banks, their reputation.

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