Netflix launches pre paid solution in Brazil

Netflix is one of the largest streaming movie sites around the world, launched in 1997, with delivery by mail in the United States. Now has a catalogue of thousands of movies and TV series, which will be accessible through various platforms (laptops, tablets, smartphones, video games, TV). Netflix has over 60 million users worldwide.

Netflix began operating in Brazil at the end of 2011, already surpassing the 2.5 million users. Brazilian users pay monthly a value ranging from R $ 16.90 and R $ 25.90.

After you register on the site as a user, you will find at your disposal the entire catalogue of movies and series available for unlimited play, as long as connected to the Internet (with recommended speed of at least 0.5 Mbps).

This large company in September 2015 joined the prepaid payment system. It acceded to this new method of payment in order to attract more clients, and to keep the customers that apply in this profile.

Prepaid: big opportunity in Brazil

With the prepaid payment method, the company controls the crisis, reducing credit risk and taking the services to the population that has no bank account, or without any credit card (mainly adolescents and young people are the largest consumers of movies and series).

The main advantage of this type of payment is the flexibility and control of card spending, because you only spend money that actually has the card (previously loaded), unlike credit cards, which could facilitate money you do not have. Thus, the customer controls the spending and the company is sure that receives the money.

Prepaid cards offer security on all purchases, especially online; greater control of expenditure; the possibility to make purchases in the world; greater freedom since they are not necessarily connected to a bank account; and offer young people the chance to start learning how to deal with card and control their spending.

They can be a single-use card whose realization is limited to once, and when the card balance ends this becomes unusable; or may be rechargeable cards that can be reused because they are loaded with a new amount when the other ends.
This adherence of Netflix to the prepaid payment method opens a new avenue for subscription services begin to invest in prepaid actions in order to keep progressing.

Initially prepaid will be sold only in physical stores Saraiva, with values of R $ 30 R $ 70 and R $ 150. Subsequently be extended to other establishments such as Pão de Açucar.

This shows the great flexibility of the global market with regard to new forms of payment which are becoming increasingly important in a world where flexibility and innovation are at the top of the list.

Not only prepaid cards, but all the other forms of payment and financing, that lead to a withdrawal of large banks by users in finding greater opportunities and advantages in alternative payment methods, which have emerged in recent years.

Just like Netflix, other major companies followed suit, thus arranging an alternative to traditional payment methods.

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