Knows the Brazilian boletos and the challenges

The banking Boleto is a type of payment that is represented by a title charge, which is payable at any bank branch of the country, home banking, lottery houses, supermarkets and Post Office Agencies throughout the period of maturity of slips.

Brazilian boletos: how it works?

The bank is the financial institution responsible for collecting provided that it is consulted in advance for those in the “boleto” bank. The bank receives the payment of the document collection by the agent who has been given the “boleto”, later crediting the amount in the current account of the one who issued the collection, receiving a previously agreed fee.

It is important to issue recovery through bank “boletos” it is necessary that your checking account is duly empowered to charge from your Account Manager.

There is a risk involved?

Some time ago came out a news item that caused panic in the Brazilian payments market which concerned the fraud involving “boletos”. According to news, the boletos generate R $ 8.75 billion in fraud in Brazil. Researchers at RSA Security, related online security, issued a report illustrating the modus operandi, the profile and the number of frauds associated with this payment method.

One of the most common cases is to issue boletos through fictitious companies, cold bank accounts and even making fraud in the boletos in order that people pay some of these bank slips.

Some people open fictitious companies, linking it to bank accounts and emit lot payment slips, usually after posing as other businesses already present on market. The goal is to find people who pay without analyzing, assigning up this act of larceny. The most common are issued for Cable TV companies, Telephony, registration authorities’ domains, brands and taxes. If any of these boletos is paid the value will go to cold accounts.

Subscribing to cable TV, so it’s not unusual you get a boleto collection via your service provider. Well, in some cases these boletos are made fraudulently in order to you to pay this amount without realizing that you are victim of theft.

Coupled with the fragility of this payment method is an equally fragile economy, as well as an emerging technology and financial system too attached to boletos. The accompanying frauds this payment method becomes a glaring reality, taking into account that does not have to be a great hacker to spoof these documents. Avivah Litan, Gartner security expert, said the cybercrime in Brazil has alarming numbers, much greater than in the United States.

Well, as the boletos are a Brazilian reality, that hardly will leave the scene; you have to have your eyes wide open not to be deceived.

Before paying any bank slip the consumer must previously check all the printed data such as financial institution, the account number, check the number of bar code corresponds to the top of the bill, CNPJ of the company, date expiration of slips, among other things.

No doubt this will always be the greatest obstacle and challenge for the boletos.

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