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PagSeguro, founded in 2007 is the first choice, to small business, in the Brazilian market with regard to the choice of online payment methods, surpassing the recognized Elavon and Getnet. It already has over 500,000 sellers and more than 40 million buyers, becoming thus the largest online payment platform in Brazil.

It is a company owned by UOL (Brazil’s leading Internet Company) since 2007, which gives great confidence and security to users. Was elected the site of the year by the magazine InfoExame in the category e-commerce in 2008, and in 2009 had grown to more than 100 thousand stores and 15 million customers. In 2010 the PagSeguro was already over 70% of the Brazilian market. In 2012 launches the mobile version, with PagSeguro Mobile NFC and in 2013 launched the reader for credit cards and gets the PCI-DSS Certified – Data Security Standard for Payment Card Industry.

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In 2014 releases Reader Chip and Password (debit and credit), the PagSeguro Wallet and debit/credit card reader MINI. In 2015 implements up even more in the Brazilian market betting on “Moderninha”, the debit and credit card machine to physical stores, without charging any membership fee (which is a huge advantage compared to other offers).

The PagSeguro offers more than 30 payment methods, from credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, online debit, billet and balance in PagSeguro account, just like in the traditional account of PayPal and Moip (the main Brazilian competitor).

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PagSeguro also introduced the prepaid card and requires no annual or monthly fee or account at the Bank. This card is available for transactions on the physical trade in Brazil and abroad, as well as online. This method complements the variety of PagSeguro offers, thereby assuring all existing forms of payment.

It provides protection for the receipt of sales for entrepreneurs, and ensures transaction security and confidentiality of financial data buyers, strictly carrying out all digital safety standards, which facilitated its great recognition in Brazil.

The Stripe will have much work to enter Brazil? Ask Paypal.

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