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The São Paulo Fintech Summit was an event organized by the Next Bank SP, in partnership with Tech Sampa and Cube Network on 9 November at the Cube ‘Auditorium.

They discussed in this festival edition the role of São Paulo, as the representative of Latin America, on global scenario Fintech. They had as main objective to explore the characteristics of the local ecosystem, success cases and key regulatory challenges faced in this segment. This event was part of São Paulo Tech Week shedule.

The Next Bank SP, independent, global, collaborative community is focused on the development of Fintech ecosystem and this event was organized with the purpose to explore the innovations that are coming and the inclusion of Brazil in this market. But do not stop here. They are preparing for the near future other events, conferences in key innovation clusters in financial services, not only in Brazil but in various parts of the globe.

The São Paulo Fintech Summit featured guest speakers like Thiago Alvarez, Flávio Pripas Alexander Lara, Ricardo Polti, Manoel Lemos, Michael Nicklas, Bruno Balduccini, Jorge Vargas Neto and William Horn, filling the auditorium of good and excellent information.

According to the leader of the Next Bank of Brazil, Bruno Diniz, this was the perfect moment for the aggregation of local FinTech community and traditional institutions. With the rapid changes in the technological branch of the modern world in the financial services sector, cities like London, New York and Hong Kong are preparing to these rapid changes, with the ultimate goal to remain relevant in the new context 2.0. São Paulo could not have been left out, since it is one of the leading financial capitals of the Latin American market, and needs to be inserted in discussions to anticipate new models and trends. Debates about the innovations will be on the agenda worldwide, according to Bruno Diniz.

This edition of São Paulo Fintech Summit featured a long program that lasted from 2:30 pm until about 9pm. At 2:30 pm have been received all registered and ten minutes later already addressed the issue “Brazilian Fintech Landscape – FintechLab Cube“. After this introductory discussion, took place a discussion about “Digital Banking Trends – Marginalen Bank, Controly“.

At the end of this debate was made a coffee break of 30 minutes where the sociable, innovative and brilliant minds atmosphere was in the air.

At 4:30 pm approached the theme “ecosystems around the globe – Accenture“.  This approach caused great impact on the public because of its content.

Soon after, and it’s after 2 ½ hours, enters Brazil as the focus of the event. “Successful Brazilian case – GuiaBolso” was the entering of Brazil on theme in FinTech event.

Pinheiro Neto, Broota, Biva entered in scene soon after with the theme “Regulatory challenges faced by FinTech companies“, promoting major theme discussed throughout the event.

Finally Redpoint Ventures and, Value Capital closes with “Fintech financing in Latin America” speeches so far proclaimed.

São Paulo Fintech Summit ended with a Happy Hour at the Cube’s Rooftop, promoting discussion among people involved in the event.

Author: Team Fintech Brazil

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