Credit card sub-acquirers in Brazil

Brazil is one of the most complex and boiling market when we talk about payments. They have a special way to do financial transactions: with banks, payment gateways, acquirers and sub-acquirers.

Know now the most relevant Brazilian sub-acquirers.

  • PagSeguro is the leader in the Brazilian market with regard to the means of online payment. Owned by UOL, the PagSeguro has payment solutions adjusted to the e-commerce and shopping facilities giving the possibility of acceptance of the use of credit cards and debit cards through PagSeguro readers. In total, it has more than 30 payment methods.
  • MOIP is based on the concepts of innovation and flexibility. Thus, it is said the ideal payment solution for e-commerce, marketplaces, recurring payments, and face-to-face sales. It offers its customers more than 15 ways of payment possible, risk control and offers resolution and simplified access tools. It has, in this way, a complete solution for all kind of business.
  • Aceita Facil is a payment platform with focus in split payments, slip invoices (Brazilian boletos), reconciliation and financial services solutions to: e-commerces, subscription companies and saas based startups. Founded in 2013, is the best choice in split payments feature in Brazil. The company has one of the best prices between the all Brazilian sub-acquirers.
  • Buscapé provides to utilities an easy and safe environment in carrying out purchases in online trading. The users can subscribe through their facebook account, or opt for the “express payment”, dismissing the person’s registration. Is incorporated in the registered profile a kind of points system, BcashWallet, that when is making a purchase, 5% of the value will return to the buyer, in form of discount or cash. It is integrated with Fcontrol (best Brazilian system for fraud prevention).
  • is a payment gateway developed in 2013 by Henry Dubugras and Pedro Franceschi. This company is charged for each new transaction, based on its earnings this way. Thus, the startup gets 1.5% of order value plus a fixed amount of R$ 0.50. The costumers of startup still have to pay the partners whose commission varies between 3% and 5% of the price of goods sold.
  • Iugu has a platform that allows you to store cards as safe codes (Tokens), which make available the realization of collections using only those tokens. It also offers the option to pay with transparent checkout, subscriptions, receivables management, transfers between accounts via API and reports for the SaaS, e-commerce, mobile application, or marketplace. Through the system triggers and collection management (Dunning) displays when the payments or salaries are made by performing automatic procedures with regard to the invoice or suspension of services.
  • PagPop was initially focused on serving the health area. It was designed to bring ease and mobility payments to professionals in this area. Now, it uses a card reader that turns your smartphone into a machine to read credit cards. This service can also be used through internet computer or landline. This platform allows any product or service seller accepts cards of all patents, with the option to spread the payment 12x.
  • Stelo is an electronic payments company created with the objective to manage, operate and exploit the facilitators’ segments payments to the Brazilian e-commerce and digital business wallet for both the physical world and for e-commerce.
  • Payleven is a company of payment solutions directed to liberals and micro It was the first company to launch the debit and credit card reader with Chip & Password Technology. It provides payment services to marketplaces, websites and applications. This German company already has its presence in over 10 countries, including Brazil.
  • PayU is a provider of online payment services that makes electronic payments division of NaspersLdt, a broad-based group, multinational already founded in 1915, providing services in more than 133 countries. It operates mainly in Internet services, in particular in e-commerce, pay television and print media and is listed on the Johannesburg and London stock exchanges.
  • Mercado Pago is a payment intermediation system like PagSeguro, Bcash and MOIP. Known brand belonging to the Mercado Livre, classified as sales leader in Brazil and present in 13 countries. The seller may offer different forms of payment such as bank transfer, direct debit and credit card in installments.
  • PayPal is considered the largest operator in the world in online payment services. Founded in 1998, present in 190 countries, it works with 24 different currencies. In addition to its enormous credibility, it gives the possibility of immediate withdrawal of cash after payment made by the customer.
  • iZettle, a Swiss company, founded in 2010. It allows micro and small entrepreneurs to accept payments from debit or credit card in their mobile phones or tablets by card readers on models Chip & Chip & Signature and Password. These work with chip rather than magnetic stripe, advocating be safer. It also has a kind of embedded CRM allowing users to know details of their customers’ purchases.
  • BoaCompra Ltda. ME, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Maringa, Sao Paulo and Lisbon, is specialized in the monetization of online games. It offers local payment methods. In this way the customer buys his product by choosing the payment method that suits him and in his local currency.

Do you know them?

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