Brazilian women who run fintechs

Led by most men, the financial and technology services market also has good examples of female leadership. Especially in Brazil where technology had until the last decade, a male dominance, good examples of women leaders already emerge as a new face for entrepreneurship. And it also extends to fintechs in the country too.
See the examples of Brazilian women that control fintechs

Sabrina Gallier – Nibo


After 10 years living in California, she mixed her tech knowledge, French education and Brazilian culture to grow Nibo, the fastest growing software for SMBs. She has led customer acquisition growth and strategic alliances for Peixe Urbano, at its startup phase. Nibo is a online software that enables companies and accountants to manage and control their finances. Founded in 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Nibo enables companies to manage cash flow, eletronic invoices, slips and vouchers. Nibo raised money from RedPoint e-ventures.

Cristina Junqueira – Nubank


As one of the Co-Founders of Nubank (one of the hotttest startups in Brazil), Cristina rules Marketing, Product and Operations of the Nubank as Vice President. Nubank has 100.000 people waiting for a credit card. The startup is a Mastercard credit card integrated with a powerful mobile app. Nubank raised money from Sequoia Capital and Kaszek Ventures. Is the Simple of Brazil. Nubank is the most impressive case in growth hacking in Brazil.

Tahiana D’Egmont – Kickante

tahiana kickante

CEO of Kickante, Tahiana is one of the best examples of tech woman in Brazil, with successful track record in payments and games. She is managing Kickante since 2014. is the largest crowdfunding platform in Brazil with both “all or nothing” and “flexible” campaigns. They are recognized as the most innovative and fastest growing crowdfunding platform in the country.

Verena Chopin Stukart – Mundipagg


Verena is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mundipagg. She participated in the beginning of one of the largest payment companies in Brazil (Braspag) and now leads one of the greatest expression payment companies in the country. Mundipagg is a payment gateway that arises as a specialized tool for processing online payments. It is currently administered by the ancient creators and owners of Bragspag.

Marie Timoner – Piggypeg


Marie (Maria Clara Timoner) is the sales director of Piggypeg, the application that gives cash prizes to consumers. Interestingly, Marie previously served in the fashion and luxury market. PiggyPeg is the first mobile app that offers real money (in a virtual wallet) to people visit stores, bringing traffic to the retailers. Founded by bankers, the app is changing the social rewards in the Brazilian market.

Bedy Yang – (Investor from 500 Startups)

bedy yang

Bedy is one of the most influential women in the Brazilian entrepreneurship. As Managing Partner of 500Startups (focused Latam), Bedy invested with the VC, in some of most important Brazilian fintechs. ContaAzul, BTCjam and Unipay received investment from the Silicon Valley, by initiative of Bedy. Programs such as Techmission (founded by her), puts companies like Vindi, Moip, Konduto and Acqio Payments in the eyes of investors from Silicon Valley.

Woman power in fintechs!


Author: Team Fintech Brazil

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