Brazilian payment industry has a new epicenter

In next December, the payment industry in Brazil will have a new epicenter: the event Innovation Pay.

Created by payment entrepreneurs, the event is promising to discuss in fact, the future of payment in Brazil. Unrelated to corporatism and the traditional way of discussing the directions of an industry, the event will have a different format than the usual payment events in the country.


The congresses and fairs held in latin america are always organized by event companies or by regulatory unions.

This time the entrepreneurs took over!

Brazil has three or four forums, but it always puts forward the themes of consolidated companies as big acquirers and big banks. Now, is the time for fintechs and digital banks to coordinate this game. And neither is Innovation Pay’s lineup weakened, on the contrary, companies like Sem Parar (acquired by billions of dollars recently), Stone (buyer of Elavon Brazil) and founders of super fintechs will set the tone for the event, which faces Silicon Valley events.

innovation-pay1  innovation-pay3

It was time to have such an event in Brazil. Clearsale, Vindi, Konduto, Acesso, Neon Bank, Google, Samsung Pay and other major players in this segment are building the biggest payment event Latin America has ever seen.

Regulation, for example, is one of the highlights of the congress. So much so that two important law firms like Fialdini Advogados and Machado Meyer will support the speech of the Central Bank of Brazil, which will have the assistant chief for banking sector, Fabio Lacerda, on the stage of the event.

The event is being supported by startups and agents of the segment: WallJobs, Options Group, Conductor, Clearsale, Konduto, Vindi, Machado Meyer, Fialdini Advogados, Idwall, Pagseguro, Innovare and all entrepreneurs.

In the audience (300 people), representatives of investment funds, banks, acquirers, financiers, credit cards and payment platforms will see what Brazil is preparing for the next few years.

Important goal!

Author: Team Fintech Brazil

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