Brazilian mobile payment Pop Recarga, surprised at Techcrunch Disrupt

Pop Recarga is a company that offers a form of payment convenient and easy to use.

The payment system consists of a mobile phone card loading that can be loaded with money and then used for purchases on the Internet. This card can be recharged at points of sale (already exist in many places, from bakeries, banks or even pharmacies), regardless of their mobile operator. Simply enter the number of mobile phone and charge it with the money you want. As a safety when buying on the Internet, at a time that is required purchase order, the Pop Recarga sends a message with an authorization code to your phone in order to confirm the request.

Pop Recarga does not require payment of administrative fees or charges. It is not also required to have a bank account because it is totally independent of banks. Pop Recarga is safe and uses the same encryption security of the largest financial institutions in the world, regulated by the Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN).

Pop Recarga recently was chosen to participate in Techcrunch Disrupt, one of the world’s largest entrepreneurship event.

The financial and technological startup Pop Recarga is presented in this American event, with the main focus on innovation and was widely applauded.

The TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 took place in San Francisco in September this year. Addressed to startups from around the world, it had with primary objective the discussion and promotion the innovation and entrepreneurship. During this event, the attempt was to consolidate the proposal Pop Recarga and attract investors to bet on the idea.

The Team Pop Recarga went to the United States, included a business delegation of Sebrae-MG, and participated in an intense schedule of networking, where were present many investors and Brazilian entrepreneurs who were already in Silicon Valley.

In addition to mount a stand at the fair’s TechCrunch Disrupt, the Pop Recarga participated in a competition that found the most innovative businesses in the competition.

What is the innovation of Pop Recarga?

As stated above, the Pop Recarga is a method of payment using the mobile phone that allows you to make purchases over the Internet. This excludes charges and tariffs, as well as the need to have bank account or credit card.

The user goes to one of the establishments that have partnered with Pop Recarga and charge cell phone with the desired cash. This money is transformed into credits that you can use in your online purchases (10 reais will be entitled to 10 credits).

It is the aim of Pop Recarga reach out to 55 million residents of Brazil who have no bank account or credit cards, allowing these people can make purchases over the Internet, thereby increasing the flow and fostering economic growth.

The Team Pop Recarga after this great event which is the TechCrunch Disrupt, has included its presence in DemoDay in Minas Gerais (another great MG startups event) and was expected also travels internationally to participate in the Web Summit (conference technology in Dublin, capital of Ireland).

The Pop Recarga is an initiative of which is one of the pioneers with regard to innovation in Brazil.

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