Brazilian fintechs still pressing banks: news!

Check how five fintechs are making history and pressuring Brazilian banks with better services and innovative solutions.

1. Bank Facil cashes up extra R$ 15 million
Bank Fácil has just cashed up extra R$15 million from investors, just only month after getting R$10 million from other sources. The bank that is promising to offer loans for the lower interest fees in the country is exciting several investors worldwide – currently on board are Kaszek Ventures, Redpoint, Quona Capital, and QED Investors. In 2015, BankFacil lent around R$ 100 million with interest fees as low as 1,05% per month.

2. Controly now is Banco Neon
The start-up Controly has agreed in a joint-venture with the bank Proddige, and it is now Neon Bank. The new player in the 100% digital banking market is fighting its way against a growing competition by offering services with no monthly fees and an outstanding customer service.

3. Accenture launches innovation program
Accenture is bringing to Brazil all expertise of Fintech Innovation Lab, a top-class programme well-established in New York, Dublin, and London to Brazil. The Up Innovation Lab program is accepting registrations and promises to provide to entrepreneurs the best environment to learn and improve their business in a record time.

4. AceitaFacil is improving their tech infrastructure
The PSP (Payment Service Provider) Aceita Fácil has recently announced a R$500,000 investment – but the investor hasn’t been named so far. With the funding, the platform will be able to improve its infrastructure and the technology behind it, so to launch enhanced payment solutions in the near future. The idea is to make receiving online payments more efficient and easy to use by counting on high-end features. Payment split, receivable optimisation, and bank reconciliation are among the services that should be soon upgraded.

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