Brazilian digital banks: shortlist.

Original, Neon and Nubank are the three good examples of Brazilian digital banks. But we have more cases doing the same (and better) things in these market.

Itau and Santander Brazil tried to put a online service to open digital banks too, in more than one times, but the focus on branches model, was a challenge to these banks. Support a strategy to open a true digital bank, is a job for fintechs in Brazil.

Brazilian Digital Banks: shortlist.

Nu Conta (Nubank) – the most expressive Brazilian fintech;

Agibank – a subsidiary of AgileGroup;

Original – a subsidiary of JBS Group and the first Brazilian digital bank;

Inter – regional bank founded in Minas Gerais;

Neon – Brazilian joint venture formed by Controly and Pottencial Bank;

Conta Simples – a digital bank founded by hackers and software engineers;

Next – digital bank created by Bradesco (one of the largests Brazilian banks).

There is a rumor in the Brazilian fintech environment that there are 100 Brazilian digital banks on the way!


Author: Team Fintech Brazil

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