And now Paypal? The Stripe arrived.

The Stripe is the most innovative company in the market with regard to payments and it has in their near future plans to globalize completely with their payment solutions. It is considered the startup with more notoriety in recent years in Silicon Valley and has announced its arrival in other countries quickly.

Was founded by Patrick and John Collison Collison in 2010, has already received about 500 million investment funds of people with great name like Sequoia, Elon Musk, Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator and Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal).

In fact the numbers acquired through funds accompany the growth of this company, which is already considered by developers all over the world as the most innovative and democratic existing form of payment.

They are so quick in launching new products that a few days after the announcement of Apple Pay, they released integration with Apple’s solution on their blog, as well as integration and quickly have allied to the Alibaba with Alipay application. To make matters worse, the company also released the current evaluation of R$ 9 billion.

They also have the APIs (application programming interface) with a simple and efficient reading in order to have effective forms and methods of payment.

Although recent in Brazil, this is a company that is expected to have fast growth, as well as efficient and innovative service. It is a real threat to subadquirentes PayPal, Bcash, PagSeguro, MoIP, among others. The facility of integration, the price and the hype itself underpin this threat, mainly because the funding can sustain the input.

The only obstacle to Stripe in Brazil is the hand-skilled labor shortage in TI, making it difficult to speed the entry. Another issue that will have to overcome are the different payment policies in Brazil: slips, instalments and other practices that challenge almost every payment companies including PayPal.

As in any other country, the diversity of payments, as well as the most used payment method, varies according to the inhabitants. So the Stripe need to work together with skilled professionals in the field to understand the limits and innovations to do in every corner of the world, as well as understand which market niches should invest.

According to the survey conducted by Gartner Company, the amount of payments made worldwide through mobile phones grew 44 percent last year, about 235 billion dollars. As such it is sample that shows the potential of the Stripe is likely to have in Brazil, as elsewhere in the world.

Allying itself with Visa Inc., announcing support for new technologies and online payment experience for marketers, developers and consumers across the world, Stripe ensures that has come to stay. In the near future we will have a “Buy” button Stripe! Be careful PayPal!

In fact, that companies like PayPal, PagSeguro, MoIP and others connected to the same business as the Stripe, or develop and monitor innovations led by the company, or they even risk lost seats for this young and already so huge North American Company.

Author: Team Fintech Brazil

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