Adyen and soccer? What does this have in common?

Ayden is a company headquartered in Amsterdam and has offices in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, leading payments technology that offers a global business platform, which accepts payments no matter what the part of the world you are.

Adyen has on its platform more than 3,500 companies and four of the largest Internet companies in the United States. Among these companies are brands like Facebook, Airbnb, Spotify, Groupon, Evernote,, Yelp, Vodafone, EasyTaxi, The Apothecary, Azul Airlines, Avianca, Hering for You, Dzarm, SurveyMonkey, among any others.

In order to improve the user experience and increase revenues, this company allows companies to take an online payroll, by phone and at points of sale, and managed on its platform more than 250 different payment methods and 187 transaction coins.

Through advanced technology, Adyen facilitate online payments and increases safety and performance of purchase.

And what it has in common with football?

That’s it; the Adyen signed a contract with the Maracanã and will now be responsible for all online payments processes of the biggest stadium in Brazil. This partnership will bring even more benefits to users, given that the online sales system for fans will be improved.

The main objective of this new and high-tech system is to increase online revenue, keeping levels low chargebacks. The company also ensures that by facilitating the online buying process the revenues will increase on this type of purchase.

A detailed study of the online market concluded that the sales in the first quarter 2015 in the areas of sports and recreation increased by 4% which led to further this partnership in order to the enormous potential of expanding revenues in this sector. This change in purchasing will facilitate and will encourage the change in buying habits of fans, who easily will find that buy a ticket in advance is much more advantageous.

Nowadays the online sale of football tickets is only 18%, corresponding to 120 000 transactions, which are sold at Maracana monthly.

The Marketing Director of this great football stadium, Marcelo Frazão, states that is necessary that the fans change their buying habits, preferably by purchasing of the ticket online.

The Maracana will have access to a back office where reports are provided for analysis of the performance of all online transactions.

The platform also has an anti-fraud tool; it is pretty safe, fast, and integrated by facilitating the purchasing process for the customer.

Adyen also has a partnership with SurveyMonkey, in order to launch the global payment processing, starting in Brazil.

Because of this partnership, over 800 thousand users SurveyMonkey in Brazil will be able to pay in real through credit cards from Visa, MarterCard, American Express Elo as well as bank transfers.

In fact, Adyen will have a great influence on the changing consumer habits of Brazilians in a recent future that will exchange the current money, the queues to buy the tickets to stadiums, by a process of shopping convenient and fast on the platform of this company.


Author: Team Fintech Brazil

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