Accounting softwares in Brazil

Accounting softwares is application software that processes accounting transation, such as accounts payable, payroll and trial balance. It can be developed in home helping saving time and controlling all the accounting information. It can be access anywhere, since you have Internet.

These softwares vary widely in their complexity and cost. Check out the following list about accounting softwares in Brazil in order to choose what best suits you and your business, and if you need it link for more information:

  • ContaAzul is a management system for micro and small businesses that allows you to control all financial transactions of the company, as well as sales and inventory, in addition to the possibility of issuing electronic invoices to their customers over the Internet. This is due to management control system that provides monitoring solutions for financial transactions, bank balances, cash flow and other various services.
  • The Nibo system offers entrepreneurs a financial management system and relationship with customers very versatile, over the Internet with easy editing of categories and allows document storage. No matter how many users its value is BRL 49.50 per month, per CNPJ. You can still edit entries up via your mobile phone using 3G. It also allows multiple users connected to a CNPJ, giving the possibility to the account administrator to edit the access levels.
  • The Zeropaper‘s slogan: get the accounts of the paper, forget complicated spreadsheets and make the financial control of your business online and for free. This system allows you to track the performance of users and provides third party products and services, making them more competitive business. The startup was acquired by Intuit.
  • Omie is a complete management system for small businesses with CRM, Finance, Cash Flow, NF-e, stocks and front shop. Through this software is possible to register customers keeping organized and updated contacts on the same platform where does the control order products and services, issuing invoices and all the financial control of the company. The integration of data entered by you with the data generated by your accounting office is easy. It is still in daily report sent by email the tasks to perform, such as payments or receipts.
  • The Bling is a tool for managing your online store. This platform can issue invoices, perform registration of products, customers and suppliers. You can also make inventory management through this system.
  • The inFinance is software in the clouds in the Brazilian market which ensures international standards of corporate financial management. Be in accordance with IFRS (International Financial Reports Standard), can perform the management of your company just as multinational and public companies. It also has integration with online shops.
  • Granatum is a system created to micro and small businesses that allows corporate financial control. Simply and directly approches the principals financial concepts, teaching and helping entrepreneurs to efficiently manage their business from the control cycle, verification, action and planning your cash flow. It has feedback from its users, ranging suggesting changes, improvements and new features to evolve.

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