3 new Brazilian fintechs to watch!

The fintech industry is one of the hottest in Brazil at the moment. Start-ups are coming and going, but some of them are making a significant impact in the sector, keeping investors highly interested in their ideas and solutions. And here are three of them that will be turning heads very soon.

F(x) makes funding happens automatically
F(x) brings to the market a solution for companies looking for loans and funding, supported by a team with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Instead of making entrepreneurs go through all the paperwork and the uncertainty created by banks and other financial institutions, F(x) makes it happens automatically. Their algorithm can analyse credit risk and to suggest the ideal funding to each profile, so everything is done online. The profile check’s results are free of charge, and it takes only 48 hours to find out which are the investors interested in lending money or funding the company.

Bit.One accepts payments with bitcoins
With a platform based on Blockchain technology, the fintech Bit.One is making the difference by becoming a mobile payment solution that accepts transactions in bitcoins. Through their platform, it is possible to sell products and services, and get paid with the virtual coin, or with a debit or credit card. Bit.One transforms mobile phones and tablets into a cashier or an online check-out, so you can take payments anywhere you are. Plus, their clients are entitled to a Visa pre-paid card, which can be used with reais or bitcoins – bitcoins can automatically be exchanged into reais with them. It is also possible to create recurrent payments, and their platform offers comprehensive reports.

Idwall can help to identify forged documentation
The rise in the number of cybercrimes worldwide, with forged documentation being one of the major issues, is forcing companies to look into solutions able to shield their online financial transactions. And this is why IdWall is becoming one of the most commented fintechs in Brazil at the moment. Their platform (more data than fintech) can verify identities much more precisely by crossing public information with private details provided by the client. This way, IdWall becomes a crucial tool for any online or offline business wishing to minimise the risk of frauds and chargebacks – some of the most critical causes of losses to any company.

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