3 main payment methods in Brazilian e-commerce market

Online shopping is easy to complete. Simply fill out the number of your credit card, and choose the item and then just wait in the comfort of your home for the delivery of the product (perhaps the most difficult part). However, the payment process may vary depending on the site, and in some sites of the credit card option less favourable or not as advantageous as the other.

Here are some tips so you can choose the payment methods in Brazil.

Credit card

The credit card is still the payment method that ensures you greater benefits, overall, buying online. Payment shall be approved in a matter of seconds for your credit provider, making purchases on the Internet with a more fluid and dynamic.

Apart from making all transactions faster, credit card offers further advantages. The Lifehacher site recently published a table with the main advantages of buying with credit card in certain shops. In Portugal a Barclaycard customer who buy online have insurance of two months on products purchased (online or not) making the use of this payment method frequent. Customers of this bank in the UK who make a purchase from the iTunes Store with their Visa card gets points which later can be converted by a shopping voucher at the store.

In Brazil, there are many shops and banks practicing promotions strategies of this kind to ensure the flow of transactions on credit cards. So it’s important that the customers stay tuned and enjoy this kind of bonuses and promotions that allow accumulating, choosing the best of the card that best suits each one.

There are already many stores that provide own cards, Visa or Mastercard, which give right to exclusive discounts and differentiated payment terms. Examples include stores such as Submarino and Americanas.

Direct Debit

There are already several websites and banks that offer online debit, to avoid the generation of bank slips. For those who do not have or do not like using credit cards, either the lack of security for online use them, either do not like the own credit policy, this option given the debit from your checking account the amount requested, all via online , is perfect. It has a transaction cost to the seller very low of R$ 0.20 to R$ 1.00 per each transaction, differing from bank to bank.

The operations require a migration of the virtual environment of the seller for authentication in home banking, increasing slightly the request for execution of the request, at the consumer’s risk abandoning the purchase while waiting.


This was the solution arranged by the banking system for bill payment between different banks. This type of payment is quite usual among services providers or payment of monthly instalments. In shopping on the Internet whenever you finalize the purchase a certified is sent to you (boleto) that is printed with the data required for payment of the product or service in the bank, or the Internet.

This is the second payment method most popular, immediately after credit card and does not require any other electronic tool for credit or debit card to effect the purchase. For the seller, the low cost of operation is attractive, as well as there is no monthly or maintenance fee. It also has the advantage of the trader quickly get the money (two days), unlike the credit card that takes up to 30 days to get to the store’s cash.

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