20 hottest fintech startups in Brazil

The Brazilian financial and technology ecosystem is “boiling”. Hackers, business men and CTOs are being disputed by banks and fintech startups in same intensity. Why?

Maybe because fintech startups are “the new bank”. Brazilian startups like Nubank and ContaAzul are shaking the ecosystem, providing services like banks, growing fast and raising big money. Brazil is a good place to create disruption. Check it out the list of 20 hottest fintech startups in Brazil.

Guia Bolso

App for investment and financial services. Connected with the most popular banks in Brazil, Guia Bolso raised U$7 million. They have 1 million users and are growing very fast. The app is one of top references in downloads in Brazil. Easy big data.


Nubank has 100.000 people waiting for a credit card. Unbelievable. The startup is a Mastercard credit card integrated with a powerful mobile app. Nubank raised money from Sequoia Capital and Kaszek Ventures.


BankFacil is a lending platform focused on originating secured loans (Crunchbase profile). The startup is providing a intelligent service to help banks and people to a better negotiation. The loans are focused in real state and auto markets.


Founded in Santa Catarina, ContAzul is a Saas company providing a management system to small business control their finance, stock and sales. ContaAzul raised money from  Silicon Valley VC’s like Tiger Capital.


Bidu is a Brazilian online insurance broker based in Sao Paulo. More than 600.000 people made use of the platform. The biggest insurances companies are integrated with Bidu in a online system.


Vindi is leading the subscription economy in Brazil. The platform provide payment gateways, invoice bills and financial services to small, middle market and corporate business. Companies like Buscapé, SmartFit, VivaReal, Experian Serasa, Thomson Reuters and Benchmarkemail (Silicon Valley company) are using the platform to empower their business in subscription model in Latam.


Nibo is a online software that enables companies and accountants to manage and control their finances. Founded in 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Nibo enables companies to manage cash flow, eletronic invoices, slips and vouchers. Nibo raised money from RedPoint e-ventures.


Iugu is a sub-acquirer leading 600 startups to sell through a easy integration and payment services. Founded in 2011, Iugu is based in Sao Paulo. The startup is offering a dashboard to manage churn and saas metrics. They has raised money from angel investors.


Konduto is an online service that enables online retailers to reduce fraud in e-commerce by analyzing consumer behavior. The service analyzes the way of consumers browse the site to recognize fraudulent patterns even before requests are made. Artificial intelligence!


Pagar.me is founded in 2013 for two young entrepreneurs. Based in Sao Paulo, the startup is a PSP (payment service provider) with fraud protection and a complete API to online merchants. The startup raised money from Arpex Capital, a fund focused in payment industry.


Controly is a startup founded in 2014. Is an integrated application with a payment credit card that helps people manage money. The app is on IOS and Android versions. The company is based in Sao Paulo.


Stone is the new acquirer in Brazil. Fighting with giants like Cielo and Rede, Stone is running fast on Brazilian payment ecosystem. Integrated with gateways, softwares and thousands of customers, Stone is one of the most expressive startups of Brazil.


ZeroPaper was acquired by Intuit this year (January, 2015). The “ZP” is a web platform to small business control their finances (cash flow, budgets and invoices). Zero Paper has one of most intuitive systems to entrepreneurs manage bank accounts.


Broota Brasil is a collaborative platform that allows direct contact between entrepreneurs seeking capital and people wanting to invest in innovative projects. The platform connect investors and entrepreneurs like Angel.co. Broota Brasil was founded in 2014 and is based in São Paulo.


According to BitValor, Foxbit is currently the biggest bitcoin exchange of Latin America. Founded in 2014, the startup is leading the trade market of cryptocurrency in Brazil.

Minuto Seguros

Minuto Seguros is a insurance brokerage company that specializes in selling insurance policies over the internet. Founded in 2011, it sells auto, home, travel, and secure electronic insurance as well as insurance policies for companies. Minuto Seguros is based in Sao Paulo.


Kickante is a crowdfunding platform engaged with social causes in Brazil. Brazilians can help causes, artists, NGOs and companies through a easy payment system. Campaigns like Bel Pesce’s book raised U$225.000 with more than 5.000 people helping. Amazing!


Magnetis is an online platform that helps Brazilian investors build a long-term investment portfolio. Founded by entrepreneurs with a strong financial background, Magnetis is one of the best fintech startups in Brazil.


Contabilizei is revolutionizing the way accounting is done in Brazil. Contabilizei is the first accountancy firm (in cloud) that provides an online platform where small companies can save time and money with accounting services.


Personal loan simply and securely over the Internet form. Founded in 2013 in Germany, Lendico has a independent Brazilian office, to support people to get fair loans. Lendico has nearly 1000 customers.

The new Brazilian banks are coming!

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